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digital coupons for tampons
digital coupons for tampons
digital coupons for tampons
digital coupons for tampons
digital coupons for tampons
digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons
  • digital coupons for tampons

digital coupons for tampons


Beautiful Life Super Absorbent Feminine Digital Tampons China Factory

Tampon is leveled by its absorbency,softness and comfort normally.

As a professional tampon manufacturer we believe our customers shoule deserve more value other than the tampon itself.This type of tampon is not only a high quality tampon, but also providing more health care for women during their periods.

Why Choose Us?

1. 29 years pad manufacturing Cooperated/Cooperating with Woolworth, Coles, Mannings, Waston's, Walmart, Carrefour, Shoprite, Tescoetc.

2. Customize 120+ retail brands for over 80 countries.

3. OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) orders are welcomed here.

Product Description

Digital tampon comes with 3 sizes, mini,regualr, and super ,choose the right size according to personal flow.

(1) Silk,smooth round tip, fit well, easy to insert

(2) Uniform grooves on cover

(3) Natural and absorbent fiber,super absorbency ,

(4) 360 degree absorption design, easy hold and push

(5) FDA&GMP certified, more healthy and safe to body

(6) The absorber was surrounded by special cotton layer. prevent the fibres from lefting inside your body

Digital tampon
 Unit mini regular super
weight(g) 1.8 2.5 3.1
length(cm) 4.6 4.9 5
diameter(cm) 1.1 1.3 1.5
absorption(ml) 15 25 28

Tampon usage tips:

  • Pls follow package directions for insertion
  • Choose the lowest absorbency needed for one's flow
  • Change the tampon at least every 4 to 8 hours
  • Alternate between tampons and pads
  • Avoid tampon usage overnight or when sleeping

Difference tampon models for your choice:

1,Digital Tampon: String only

2,Compact Applicator Tampon: 2 tubes + String, Outer tube will be shorter.

3,Pearl Applicator Tampons: 2 tubes + String, about 5cm for both outer and inner tubes

Benefits of Tampon:

1,individual vacuum packing,no pollution

2, insert touch ,no any side leakge even doing sports

3,inner absorption,dry and comfortable

4,no touch skin,no allergies

5,super absorption,leakageproof,feel good all day and sleep well all night

Packaging & Shipping

(1) Tampon Package: 8pcs/box, 16pcs/box, 32pcs/box

Packed in paper box,customer's require of package is also acceptable.

(2) Shipping: By sea or train

Our Services

We can supply organic tampon either under customer`s brand or our own brand.

Full range of our products:

(1). Sanitary napkin/sanitary pad : 180~410mm long cotton / dry weave / ultra thin / regular / maxi / winged /

wingless / functional chips / scented
(2). Panty liner: 140~180mm long cotton / dry weave /T-shape / black liners / scanty ultra thin / fluff pulp / scented
(3). Tampon: Applicator tampon/ digital tampon, mini / regular / super size
(4). Sweat pads, sweat liners, shoe liners

Every package of sanitary napkin and panty liner can put together with a Female Vagina Inflammation Self-Test Card. This could help women test their body immediately and conveniently.

Company Information
Company Briefs

(1) What we do

We are specialized in manufacturing high level, fashionable, safe and healthy feminine hygiene products

for women. Our products include sanitary napkins, panty liners, sweat pads and tampons in all size, type

and grades. They are carried out with the standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, I S O 9 0 0 1, SGS ,ITS ,MSDS etc.

(2) Our factory

Our factory is gardenlike modern plant which covers around 60,000 square meters, equipped by auto high

speed and advanced production lines, all the devices equipped in high level ensure every pad we produce

completely safe, hygienic and high quality. Quality control runs strictly throughout all the links from raw

material to finished products.

our factory of the sanitary napkin and panty liner

Factory laboratory

(3) Our capacity

Our production capacity is about 110 million sanitary pads per month, and 60 million panty liners per month.

The products cover around 120 global retail brands. More vividly speaking, if made 170 million pads

(one month output) connected total length is about 40,000 kilo meters which is a circle of our earth.

(4) Liability

We regard reputation as our precious life. Liability is a guarantee for us to go farther on. From raw materials to

production, after production, delivery, after sales service, all products carried out under strict standards and

regulations throughout all links. We guarantee every packet of pads in fine quality. We are committed to be a

100% liable enterprise.

(5) Certification


→Are you a trade company or a manufacturer ?
A: Manufacturer of feminine hygiene sanitary napkin/ sanitary pads/ tampon and any oher feminine hygienic items.

→Is there any ready brand for me to try ?
A: Yes.We have OUI OUI & Glory Girl brands sanitary napkin/ sanitary pads/ tampons.
We can also help print your own LOGO.

→What is your normal MOQ and price ?
A: Our MOQ is according to the customer's requirements. Our price is based on what we know customer's material, size, how many pcs per pack and different types of packaging to decide.

→Could I have my own label?
A: Certainly, we are very welcome OEM order, but it need additional cost.
OEM budget proposal could be provided based on the plan you provide.

→What is your payment terms?
A: TT, Western Union, L/C at sight, Paypal

→What is your delivery time?
A: 5 days for sample orders, bulk orders in about 35-55 days after receiving your payment.

→Can you send free sample for sanitary napkin & sanitary pads & panty liner & tampon?
A: Yes, free sample is available, so you only need to pay the shipping cost.

→What about the service?
A:We can provide professional suggestion of marketing; products quality guarantee;
OEM and artwork design are available.

Brand Story

Please read our brand story (OUIOUI):

Nowadays, our products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia and sales in big markets, brands and chain store.

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